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Delivering Quality

10X Delivery Methodology ensures that we provide significant benefits to our clients while establishing a repeatable, scalable, and efficient model for long-term success. This methodology has been developed in conjunction with industry leading thought-leaders and practitioners with the best interest in mind of both our consultants and our clients. We have learned, as we have also worked with our clients within this process, that the efficiencies we are able to maintain for our hiring managers are unrivaled in the industry.

10XMindset Professionals

A Key To Our Success

This recognition is for our consultants who have acquired the required 10X consulting aptitude through our training programs designed for our consultants.10X is dedicated to supporting both our clients and the consultants, who are our team. We will continue to improve our support program and strengthen our relationships to create more 10X Mindset Professionals over time.

10X Systems provides highly skilled, specialized professionals to collaboratively work along with your team to solve your immediate and long-term technology needs.

Our 10X services enables our clients to attract, retain, and deploy a team of professionals in a cost effective manner. 10X Systems can help you define your requirements, screen your candidates and ensure that you retain exactly what you need in a fast, efficient and cost effective way.

10X Engagement Models

On Site: Our team of professionals reside at the client site working side by side with our client and team members.

Off Site: Leverage 10X regional delivery offices to host our professionals to work closely with our client on site team members.

Off Shore: A cost effective way to deliver our engagements remotely. Lead by Technical and project leaders from our facility in India.

Hybrid model: This allows our client to leverage our professionals both on site and remote with a coordinated effort.